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Vietnamese businesses sell products overseas via online retailers

Businesses can now see great opportunities to sell products internationally via online retailers such as or

“The Future of E-commerce in Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)”, a report from Kantar Worldpanel, showed that the global e-commerce market was growing by 30 percent per annum.

Meanwhile, Indiatimes cited a report from Ali Insitute that said the online retail revenue of BRIC (Brazil,Russia,India and China) countries amounted to 47 percent of global total online sales, reaching $876 billion in 2016.

The information was good news for Vietnamese technology firms, which are developing retail platforms or doing business online on a global scale.

Nguyen Ngoc Dung from the Vietnam E-commerce Association (Vecom) said, however, that seeking opportunities to sell goods online on global retail platforms was not easy to do because Vietnam’s businesses have to satisfy requirements on product quality and brands.

Vecom noted that some businesses had tried to sell products in the global market through retail platforms, but they could not go far with their plans. Their products are displayed on the lists of products of retail websites, but they cannot be provided to consumers.

Dung believes that improvements will be seen in 2019, when domestic associations and goods supply chains join forces and sign cooperation agreements with Amazon Global Selling, under which a big trade fair will be organized to attract sellers from all over the world to Vietnam to enjoy Vietnamese goods.

This will be a great opportunity to bring Vietnam’s goods to the world via

With ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ (FBA), sellers need to send products to Amazon’s FBA centers, while the next steps will be undertaken by Amazon.

Meanwhile, some e-commerce experts have advised businesses to try to sell products through intermediary distribution units.

Shark Louis Nguyen at the ceremony on announcing the venture fund of VND10 billion in Hoa Nang startup, signed an agreement on investment in VIETSWAY to bring Hoa Nang organic rice to the world market via

VIETSWAY is cooperating with retailers selling Vietnam’s goods in the US via sale channels such as Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping and Rakuten. is also providing support services to small and medium enterprises to sell products on It posts enterprises’ information on stalls on and carries out sale promotion activities.

The sellers on have gathered to exchange experience and exploit opportunities to sell products on the platform. Group Amazon Vietnam on Facebook, with over 18,000 members, which came out three years ago, is one of them.

According to a report on Vietnamnet.