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Our Story

Ben Tre
is the province in Mekong delta area of Southern Vietnam, where is known as "the Rice Bowl of Vietnam"
After researching the planting zones, rotational rice cultivation and shrimp hatchery model at Thanh Phu ward Ben Tre province is certified to meet difficult requirements of organic cultivation. During salinity intrusion period, these areas are applied to farm shrimp. Because the economic value of shrimp is higher, farmers will ensure not to use pests in the rotational rice crops to avoid bad impacts on shrimp crops. That forms farmer's cultivation habit - not using pests in planting.

Moreover, each farm has 5 to 7 meter fence, therefore it is entirely isolated with other areas to ensure safety in organic rice production. It is certain that the planting zones can be uncontaminated by other areas and does not have emission in glass house while processing.

Additionally, Ben Tre is also an ecologically sensitive wetland. Therefore, it is hard for weeds to grow in this area's planting zones. It is unnecessary for farmers to utilize herbicide.


We make a commitment that there is not chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertilizer, preservative medicine, termite objection medicine... during the production process. Then, we abide strictly international standards to create the best quality rice.

Organic rice is required to go through a great number of steps before playing an important part of each family's meal.

Planting zones
  • Season
  • Suitable soil which has buffer zones
  • High quality seed (Non GMO), good alum and salt tolerance
  • OMRI organic fertilizer
  • Clean water management
  • Suitable farmers which have good culture, not using pesticide
  • Organic production technique training
Production Process
  • Visit farm regularly
  • Take a note
  • Use OMRI organic fertilizer
  • Not using pesticides
  • Weed and pesticide management in natural direction
  • Private package support
  • Clean tools
  • Uncontaminated chemical
  • Unmixed with other seeds
  • High price purchase
  • Always checking transportation
  • Cover carefully, not transport rice with chemicals, cattle...
Process, package with
the HACCP closed model
  • Not using preservatives, bleach, odorant
  • Rice is vacuum to prevent termites
  • Clean warehouse

Our Seeds


Hoa Nang brand name has a variety of organic rice species that meet customers’ demand.

Hoa Nang organic white rice
  • Long, white grain
  • Soft, clammy, sweet and light, natural fragrance
Nang Keo organic rice
  • Ben Tre traditional seed which is kept for hundred years
  • Round, pink grain
  • High nutrition
  • Drained rice, soft, sweet and fragrant

Energy rice contains high acid amin but less lipid. Bran rice contains rich fiber and fundamental nutrition: potassium, magnésium, sélénium & manganese as well as fatty. Acid and vitamin PP, B and B1 in rice are very useful for nervous system. Fiber stimulates metabolism: prevent constipation. Hoa Nang rice is the best product for physical activities: provide quickly glycogen. Our rice nutrition is higher than other types of rice due to one year one crop seasonal planting.


Hoa Nang organic rice aims to not only sell in domestic stores and supermarkets but also to expand distribution system of retail and wholesale in America and Europe. In the future, Hoa Nang organic rice will be trusted by both domestic and international consumers. We also desire to coordinate with more customers who are individuals, organizations having the common goal “For clean, green and safe Vietnam agriculture”.


Hoa Nang organic rice is proudly certified organic by the Control Union (The Netherlands) with the requirements of USDA Organic and European organic standards: non-pesticides, non-herbicides, only use organic fertilizers with have OMRI certified, apply integrated pest control practices with natural methods.